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Hearing loss, like any medical condition, is best treated by highly trained experts. At Georgia Hearing Center our audiologists truly care about your unique communication needs for your individual lifestyle. Each of our three Audiologists are trained to follow a patient-centered approach in helping you improve your overall quality of life through better hearing.

Variety and Experience – Choices and Quality
As an innovator and leader in hearing and balance healthcare among Athens hearing centers, Georgia Hearing Center continually strives to not only offer you the widest product line of hearing instruments in NE Georgia by utilizing the benefits offered by our manufacturers but is committed to hearing-loss education, hearing-loss prevention, and balance education.

We provide diagnostic testing:
  • Hearing Evaluations and Consultations
  • Balance Assessments
  • Hearing Aid Sales and Service
  • Musician’s Plugs
  • Swim Molds
  • Industrial Hearing Screens
Our customers trust Georgia Hearing Center and rely on us for personalized support for their hearing and communication abilities.

What Makes Us Unique?
With over thirty-five years of combined experience, we understand the significant investment of the hearing aid user and strive to keep our costs very reasonable. Georgia Hearing Center has a close association with local ear, nose and throat (ENT) physicians. Having these specialist physicians on site to care for those hearing problems needing medical treatment or surgery is advantageous to our patients. In addition, it is our collaborative effort with primary care physicians and specialists that determine if hearing loss medically treatable by your physician or can be improved through the use of hearing instruments and rehabilitation through Georgia Hearing Center.

Georgia Hearing Center offers you infinite solutions,
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